Just before Independence Day, a much smaller battle

At 5:30am this morning, we caught up with two of the fledglings sharing a special sibling moment: a battle over a rat.  

Sibling 1: Gee that’s a nice rat.  Looks like we could split it and each take half.


Sibling 2:  Not gonna happen. 


Dad:  Keep it down, kids.  I’m gonna go hunt for more.  Don’t hurt each other while I’m gone.


Siblings 1&2: Mine! No it’s mine! <tug of war ensues>


Sibling 2: Ha! I win! Better luck next time, sucker!


Sibling 2: <moment of remorse, looks back> Maybe I should bring it back and share?


Sibling 2: Nah. <swallows rat whole>


Sibling 1: I’m telling! Daaaaaad….


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