A Hawk Masterpiece

We have been so happy to receive lots of photos, videos, and questions from readers all around the neighborhood (and the world!). And then local businesses Downtown Yarns and Exit9 got into the hawk-spirit during #fledgewatch.  But what we are about to show you is by far the BEST hawk-inspired work of art that we’ve received. 

Alexi, a 5 year old recent Kindergarten graduate, lives very close to the hawks’ home base in the East Village.  She has been able to watch them eat, fly, and explore their surroundings.  The fledglings have even hung out on her family’s balcony! 

Her whole family has been following their development.  As Mom put it, “We are enjoying the experience of being near the Hawks.”  We couldn’t say it better. But Alexi found a way to…she made a whole book!! 


We urge you to go back and examine the detailed illustrations again, you’ll be delighted.  Thank you so much, Alexi, for sharing your beautiful book with us.  We look forward to keeping up with the hawks with you!

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