Turf war update: stalemate for now

While the Peregrine sat on the 3rd st. church cross, we ventured into Tompkins Square Park to see if Christo or Dora were around.  Lo and behold, we found Christo chilling out in a low tree branch near the Ave. A playground.


Christo in tree

When we asked him why he wasn’t attacking the Peregrine, he just gave us this look:Christointree3

He must have something up his…wing. We’ll have to wait and see but, as of now, it’s a silent stalemate.

“Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction.” – Antoine de Saint Exupéry


The only Invader that hawks Christo and Dora will allow in the East Village.

Street artist Invader just installed this piece across the street from the nest on Ave. A. Remember to look up if you’re nearby!

Here’s more about Invader’s visit to NYC.

Gulls, all I really want is Gulls.

The Beastie Boys song “Girls” is pretty catchy and funny (albeit sexist), but one major part of the lyrics was off…today, we right that wrong:

GULLS, all I really want is GULLS


And in the morning it’s GULLS


Cause in the evening it’s GULLS


I like the way that they walk


And it’s chill to hear them talk


And they can always make me smile


From NYC to the Emerald Isle


<mic drop>


There is a STAR in Starling.

We heard an odd sound in the park the other day…it sounded like fast morse code clicking. Turned out, it was none other than a gorgeous European Starling. Who knew they make over 10 different calls and can mimic other birds’ songs/calls…including the Red-tailed Hawk Keer?