The Wayward Fledgling

As promised, we wanted to tell you the story of the first fledgling (aka the wayward fledgling).  This bird was the first to take flight but has had some difficulty since leaving the nest.  

First, on Sunday evening, it suddenly attempted to return to the nest but missed, crash landing on the AC directly below.


It spent the evening on that AC, while Mom and the youngest slept on the nest just above

The next day, it remained on the AC for most of the day, crying quite loudly. This was quite heart-wrenching, especially as the parents stayed away.  Faith Zuckerman, the kind owner of this AC, took some shots of it from inside:


Faith said that, in addition to panting and crying, the hawk was knocking on the window.  She had an expert come check on the hawk and was told it was physically ok.  So all we could do was wait.

Finally, at 3:26pm EST, the hawk took flight.  We call it Fledge 2.0.

The wayward fledge landed on the church steeple’s clock, placing itself at 5 o’clock.  Onlookers said that the hawk actually moved the hour hand…who knew hawks also had the ability to manipulate time?!


The hawk was quite docile hanging out on the clock.


From here, things went haywire again. The bird was heard crying, then spotted, again on the 12th floor of Ageloff. Only this time, it was on a window ledge closer to 4th St. 


The hawk was agitated and started clawing at the screen, while flapping its wings.  This was one of the most perilous, nerve-wracking moments we’ve witnessed so far:

The wayward fledgling finally calmed down, slept for a bit, then took off some time during the night. 

The Final Fledge!

The final (youngest) hawk fledged this morning at 9:21am. We didn’t get it on camera but this is some practice an hour before.

Mom came around 8am for the last feeding in the nest and one of the other fledges was there on a pillar to watch. It was crying out too…maybe encouraging its little sibling to go?

More to come.


This evening’s update

At 7:30pm EST: The wayward fledgling (oldest sibling) left the AC below the nest, landed on a clock on the church’s side, and was then stranded on a windowsill, crying.  

9pm EST: Mom flies in to hang out with the youngest, still on the nest.  The wayward fledgling is still on the windowsill, but no longer crying.  It had some wild run-ins with the window screen.  More on that to come.

The other fledgling (middle sibling) is flying very well.  It was spotted atop various buildings, soaring high in the sky, and even did a Top Gun-style flyby right over the nest this afternoon.


1pm update

1pm EST: Two birds, two ACs. Lots of crying. Parents are soaring around but haven’t brought any food yet. 

It looks like the younger hawk (who hasn’t yet fledged) wants to get down to the oldest (who seems unwilling to fly for now).  The oldest has been crying on and off for a few hours now.