Reunited and it…feels so good?

On Sunday evening, I asked Gog if she had seen the Wayward Fledgling and she told me that all three fledglings were in the vicinity of the church.  What wonderful news! We’ve been wishing that the whole family would be reunited and it happened, at least for a little while! We managed to catch photos of all 3 fledglings within a 50-yard radius of each other…


We still want to see all 3 together in the same frame, so we’ll be on the lookout.

We have seen the fledglings start to expand further from their home base around the church, exploring around 3rd and 4th St.  One even flew to 1st Avenue before we lost sight of it. If you see a fledgling anywhere, please let us know! We’re hoping the worst shenanigans are over, and that soon, we’ll see them learning to hunt on their own.

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