The Wayward Fledgling gets itself into another pickle

The Wayward Fledgling seemed to have a quiet couple of days since its relocation to the park.  It was seen early in the morning yesterday, flying to a playground fence and resting high in a tree. 

Hawk enthusiasts have been spending a lot of time trying to find it in the park to see what it’s up to. But It is incredibly difficult to find it as it camouflages well in the trees, even if you know exactly where to look. 


The best indicator that the hawk might be around is either when you see a pack of Blue Jays or Robins mobbing it and screeching or when the young hawk is calling for its parents (which it tends to do when it wants food delivered).  Even easier than Seamless!

But, not one to disappoint, the Wayward Fledgling is continuing to explore its new environment. And like Curious George in the Big City, it keeps getting into trouble.

At around 8:30am this morning, an observant couple saw the hawk try to hop between two buildings and fall.  According to them, “the space is only around two feet wide and is sectioned off with chicken wire so it is a mystery how it managed to get down there.”  

Here is the video they shot:

The wonderfully kind couple then called for help and who showed up? None other than Ranger Rob*

Does that make him the Man in the Yellow Hat?


Rob was able to free the hawk and release it in the park.  According to Rob, the hawk is in good health and is a lot feistier than before, which means it is gaining strength.

After spending some time in a few trees at Tompkins…


…the hawk bounced around on some rooftops.  It ended up on the roof of, ironically, the Dora Park Apartments, where Dad was able to drop off some food.  This was great news, again, because it means the hawk’s parents know where it is and are taking good care of it.

Thanks to the awesome couple who jumped into action and helped save the Wayward Fledgling from potential injury and starvation.  And thanks to Ranger Rob for another fantastic rescue. 

By the way, if this happens again, maybe we should give the hawk a tiny Tony Hawk helmet?


* I understand that Ranger Teddy was there helping with this rescue as well. A huge thank you to him too!!

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