The Wayward Fledgling can’t get enough of 3rd St.

The Wayward Fledgling (more background here and here) caused quite a stir on the  corner of 3rd St. and Ave A this afternoon.  Photos below by Jennifer Dirnfeld, who was on the scene when the bird started flying and running from business to business, getting caught up in windows, bikes, flowers, and eventually moving to the awning above Landmark Bicycles in Ageloff (the building which housed the original nest). Police cordoned off the area and a major crowd formed until the bird was safely captured by Ranger Rob Mastrianni and released in the park.  Full story with dramatic photos to come later today.  


Again, if you see this or any of the fledglings, please don’t disturb them.  If they appear to be in distress, please contact: WINORR.

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